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Patriot FUEL ion Wireless Charger Review Featured

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Performance -
In testing a charging system it is all about the efficiency of the method or device. One of the big issues with modern wireless charging solutions is that they are not very efficient. This is due to a combination of factors including the lack of good connectivity between the source and device as well as some current loss in the conversion at both ends. Typically we see wireless charging devices running at about 75-80% as efficient as a direct connection.

For the FUEL ion we found that the direct magnetic connection between the device and the charging pad gave it a little bit of a boost in efficiency. This pushed it up into the 90-95% efficiency range. We tested this by recharging our iPhone5 from different battery levels using both direct connections and the FUEL ion pads. In almost all cases the charging times were around 90-93% (Patriot claims 99.5% efficiency) of what we saw when using the original Apple charging cable. This is pretty impressive for a wireless charging device.

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