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Planets³ Kickstarter campaign started

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On the website Kickstarter, a new campaign of raising finance to complete the "open-world 3D voxel-based RPG" titled Planets³ (pronounced "planetscube") was started. Mentioned title combines RPG experience with the construction and exploration of the universe built from small voxels, or block size of 25 cm³.

The story says that there are rumors that the aliens that look like humans visited our planet and left the advanced technology, so the first task before moving into space will be researching and building your own little world.  
According to the authors, Planets ³ is designed for multiplayer gaming and sharing achievements with friends, and to complete the project authors are asking $250,000 of which you can get more details on their Kickstarter campaing page.

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Last modified on Sunday, 09 March 2014 17:03
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