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Playing Football Manager earned young Swede a coaching position

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If you thought that playing Football Manager is a completely pointless activity, think again. Vugar Huseynzade, a 21 year old from Sweden, got the job of head coach of Azerbaijani first league club FC Baku, simply because he played Football Manager with great passion.

Huseynzade for the Scandinavian newspaper Aftonbladet said that he has always wanted to work in football and that he has played Football Manager for more than 10 years. The first rola that  Vugar had in FC Baku was the role of an assistant, and his knowledge of football and team management impressed the club owners so much that they offered him the job of a head coach at the moment when the previous coach, Kamran Ismayilov, left the position.

We must add that not everything is quite as it seems at first glance, Vugar was not a randomly selected player from the internet. The young man was in fact, before arriving to Baku, employed by an American sports agency as an analyst. However, this is a great thing for all fans of the series who now have a solid justification for spending time on FM. Are you still here? What are you waiting for? Go play Football Manager, Chelsea FC fired their coach, here is your chance.

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