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Prison sentence for the owners of

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A Certain Jens R., a 33 years old German citizen, who owns the site, normally located on servers in Russia, received three years and 10 months in prison at the court in the German city of Aachen. As owners of The Pirate Bay, in his case, he is charged for illegal distribution of copyrighted content. In addition, Jens is still under investigation for false report of bankruptcy and embezzlement.

Interestingly, the case was brought to court 7 years ago, back in 2006, but because of the skillful manipulation of money (German Association for the Protection of copyright claims Jens still has a large amount of money in Switzerland and Lichtenstein) and the fact that the convicted person lives outside of Germany , the court took some time to get him back so they can put him on trial.

As with the TPB, the base case was earning on commercials that were going along with links to torrents with obvious pirated content.

[Ed - Why is it that no matter how many times the torrent system is explained copyright groups and judges simply do not understand that no content is hosted by a torrent site. We wonder if this trial had as many judges who are members of copyright groups as the one for The Pirate Bay. These trial are never above board and have many inaccuracies in the way they are prosecuted as well as outright bad evidence. Time and time again these companies abuse the legal system and have the support of the governments when they do. It is an embarrassment to be honest.]

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