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Sunday, 09 March 2014 14:34

Razer is building their own mechanical switches exclusively for gaming keyboards

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All gamers that want to pick up their gaming on a higher level than just plain confrontation against the AI in single player, very quickly become aware of the importance of having good peripheral hardware, especially of gaming mice and keyboards, which will greatly help them online against other more unpredictable opponents. Razer is a gaming company that needs no further introduction, which has just unveiled its new mechanical switches designed for gaming keyboards.


It might sound unbelievable, but Razer worked on creating these gamer switches for 4 years, in order to improve performance when multiple keys are pressed, that allow gamers to play much faster, better responsiveness with improved durability of course, considering that the use of the keyboard in gaming asks a completely different characteristics of endurance compared to when you use it exclusively for writing (for example, you dont bash your keyboard after writing a romantic novel). Razer's new Green Switch requires a pressure of only 50 grams to be activated, and the stroke length was reduced to half the distance compared to conventional mechanical switches, which means that the „double-tap“ can be done twice as fast as before. From Razer said that a good part of the four-year development process of new switches fallen to improving endurance, and they are therefore able to achieve 60,000,000 key strokes, which is around 10 million more than the standard mechanical switches.

New mechanical switches come in two models, the Green Switch which needs a pressure of 50 grams and creates a clear „click“ sound that most gamers love, and Orange Switch that you need to press with only 45 grams, which is completely silent. Razer will offer new switches to all manufacturers of mechanical gaming keyboard, and without a doubt we can expect a new version of the legendary BlackWidow keyboard.

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