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Respawn responds to rumors about bribing reviewers

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Over the last few days, positive articles and media coverage about upcoming game, Titanfall, has been accompanied by very severe and unpleasant gossip. In fact, a rumor was spread claiming Respawn studios bribed some journalists to write positive reviews and articles.


Because of these rumors someone from Respawn Entertainment (allegedly Drew McCoy) made a short statement; “Anyone who thinks we weren't living in the shadow of decade+ old established franchises at our reveal at E3 are as crazy as their conspiracy theories of anyone getting paid off”. This person also went on to say that they had to fight to build a game that anyone would even notice, much less cover. The statement is interesting considering the fact that Respawn Entertainment is responsible for the Call of Duty franchise (the “decade+ old one they mention).

It is highly unlikely that they would need to fight for coverage given their past products. Still the claim that they would pay for positive coverage is suspect and there is nothing to back these claims up (yet). It is admittedly odd that a new game coming from the company that built Call of Duty would be almost universally liked. Typically when a company shifts focus away from what they know the press is quick to pounce on every minor detail. This time Respawn seems to have been given a pass.

Perhaps it is this oddity that is making some suspicious and looking for an answer to explain it all. Unfortunately there is not much to go on other than the limited press and individual reviews (from the beta). Right now all we really have is a series of positive articles and reviews in the press and a very odd statement that sounds more like a knee jerk reaction than a planned comment on the ongoing rumors.

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