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Richland – AMD's answer to Haswell

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Richland are actually not so new even despite the new name, they are actually more or less chips based on the current Piledriver x86 architecture and VLIW4 graphics architecture known to us from previous APU's. A step forward was achieved in terms of performance due to a higher operating speeds of x86 cores but also of integrated GPU. A10-6800K, the fastest new APU also boasts support for the 2,133-megahertz memory which is quite important for users who intend to use the integrated graphics.

Also very interesting is the model A10-6700. In fact, although there is no unlocked multiplier or support for 2,133-megahertz memory, it will cost as much as A10-6800K. The reason for this is much lower consumption (65 instead of 100 watts) with practically the same performance. APU's from the family of Richland are compatible with the existing boards with Socket FM2, and upcoming tablets with Socket FM2+. The latter is usually something different and is primarily intended for APU's Kaveri that will arrive on the market in the second half of the year.
Kaveri APU's were demonstrated at Computex during the same presentation in which they launched Richland. Kaveri chips are based on Steamroller x86 architecture and GCN graphics architecture. In addition to significantly higher performance compared to their predecessors, they also have support for Humala technology and unified CPU and GPU memory at the software level.

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