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Romainian OC Team Lab501Sets Three new World Records using Kingston RAM

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82348_kingston-hyperx-ddr3-value-Kingston is in the news again for breaking world records. This time it was a team of three mad Romanian overclockers that pushed things over the limit. The kits used were all dual-channel (sorry no quad channel OC records… yet) and have a stated top clock of 2544MHz (the kits in question are the KHX2544C9D3T1FK2/2GX) with a CL of 9.

At the end of the day those numbers did not appear to mean much to the Romanian Overclocking team Lab501. Using liquid nitrogen the three overclockers of Lab 501; Matei Mihatoiu (Matose), Tudor Badica (Monstru) and Razvan Fatu (Micutzu) were able to push their Kingston RAM to 3600MHz with a CL of 10. This is now the highest clock ever reached by DDR3 memory. The second record smashed today was the highest clock speed at CL9 (3479MHz) and then another one right after for CL8 (3275MHz).

Although we do not have the voltages used we are pretty certain that they were outrageous as the RAM was cooled to as low as -196c during the event. This is the second time that Kingston, once known more for its compatibility and stability has shown they can also push the limits of performance.

You can find the validation scores for this even below along with a link to pictures of the event.

Record validation 3600MHz (CL10)
Record validation 3479MHz (CL9)
Record validation 3275MHz (CL8)
Photos of the session

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