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Sailfish OS update 5 is released

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The new update for Sailfish operating system comes under a very catchy name Paarlampi or the code number Like every other operating system upgrade, this one brings fixes for identified bugs and some new possibilities. Sailfish OS now supports two-way sync of Exchange contacts, and you can now specify the account that will be the "default" for emailing.

Photos taken with the camera will now contain EXIF data, and optionally can store GPS coordinates. Users can also send and receive MMS messages, but it is still in the experimental stage, so some occasional instability and errors when sending/receiving them are expected. One of the new features is the „Swipe to close“ which allows you to close the running applications by simply moving them sideways. They also improved the Android runtime, 2D and 3D performance, corrected a bug that prevented proper upgrade and uninstall of Android applications, and OpenSSL "heartbleed" bug was also fixed.

Number of corrections in this update is considerable, the entire list of corrections can be found on the official website.

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Last modified on Wednesday, 16 April 2014 13:17
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