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Samsung Galaxy S3 Is T-Mobile's Best Selling Phone

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T-Mobile announced that Samsung Galaxy S3 is their best-selling mobile device of all time. This is another confirmation of its true quality and desirability by consumers. Of course this doesn’t mean much to T-Mobile, but it certainly does to Samsung in their race with other smartphones, mainly the iPhone. No official number of devices sold has been announced yet, but considering that T-Mobile is not as big as other carriers it's sure that they are not the leading seller.

You probably wonder where the iPhone 5 is on their list; the answer is nowhere as they don’t directly sell the iPhone and they are unique in that in comparison to the other major carriers. This milestone means that the Galaxy S3 jumped over the Galaxy S2, G2, G2x and few other MyTouch devices that held previous records in most sales made at T-Mobile. The company is surely working on improving and becoming one of the contending carriers; they bought MetroPCS and hired a new CEO in the last few weeks, so we might expect them to join the company of the big guys.
t-mobile s3

This announcement by T-Mobile certainly tells us that Galaxy S3 is the number one device in the Android market and not only that but the whole smartphone market. The Galaxy S3 is marked as an iPhone killer without a doubt it has justified that title. In the first three months they sold over 20 million units and as the holiday season is approaching those numbers can only rise even more. The company also marked record quarter so things are looking extremely bright for Samsung at the moment.

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