Sunday14 August 2022

Sapphire glass for iPhone 6?

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Not even two months after it was revealed that Apple has taken the company GT Advanced Technologies specialized in producing sapphire glass, arrives the patent application in which the ways in which the company would apply the new material are clarified.

The document describes ways of attaching mentioned glass to a casing of an electronic device in several ways - from the cover of a camera that already exists on the iPhone 5, to overlay the entire screen. In addition, the patent application highlights the excellent thermal conductivity of sapphire glass, so Apple want to use it as an element of the cooler, for example, if it is physically pressed the processor of the device.
Although there is still no official confirmation, there are already rumors that the iPhone 6 could have a screen covered with highly resistant sapphire glass. A recent investment of 578 million US dollars in this technology, as well as freshly discovered details of patent applications suggest that this could be true. It does not hurt to mention that Apple will not be the first one to use this type of glass, since Vertu smartphones have it for quite a while now.

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