Wednesday01 February 2023

Scythe USA… Not Gone Yet

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Rumors of the demise of Scythe USA may be just that.  In a press release yesterday, Masahiro Sakai, CEO of Scythe USA Inc., published a post on their website stating in part that "Scythe USA had to make the difficult decision to end its operations as a result of the closure of its parent company."

Seems pretty straightforward, if a bit sad, for those of us who have and still use Scythe products.  I’ve been a fan of their hardware for many years and have been impressed with every piece that has crossed my desk.  The name is known by enthusiasts all over the world and is usually regarded with respect for their reputation.  Thus, the announcement came as a surprise to a great many users.

In a new post on the same site today however, the statement has been changed, stating that the Scythe USA branch was managed separately from the Scythe Group, and it was the closure and restructuring of the company which held their stock that brought about the closure notice.  In the second paragraph of the new notice we find hope for the dedicated Scythe user: ‘We plan to either open a new branch office in the US, or contract a main distributor in the near future.  For the meantime, Scythe Taiwan sales office will take care of our US channels.’

Good news is a lot harder to come by than rumors. Tell us what you think about the possibility that Scythe USA will live on in our Forum

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