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SEAL's punished for helping Electronic Arts with Medal of Honor: Warfighter

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Imagine how bad MOH Warfighter would be if they did not have valuable advice from a couple of U.S. Navy SEAL's during the game development. I cannot, but their superiors believe that the Navy would be better if they never contacted Electronic Arts. Specifically, the seven members, some of them ex, some still active members of the naval elite Special Forces were fined for revealing military secrets to the development studio that made MOH: Warfighter.

Of these seven, one was personally on the team that found and killed Osama bin Laden. Apparently they sold military knowledge over the course of two days during this summer and spring, while they were hired as external consultants by Electronic Arts. In the short time they allegedly released classified information about the tactics used by SEALs in real combat, they also had certain classified materials that civilians were not allowed to see.

What is worst about this? Well honestly the game is complete garbage, gameplay is fine, but the amount of bugs, crashes and errors that players get is beyond any acceptable level. I personally tried to play it, sometimes the game just crashes, during one mission you need to chase a fugitive in the car but it is  kind of hard when he has the ability to pass through walls(!?). I even read on one gaming forum that one user got a full refund for the game after he reported several bugs. That's pretty embarrassing for a game studio like Electronic Arts. IMHO the only good thing about the game is the beta invite for Battlefield 4. But to finish the story about the soldiers, they were given reprimands while the other part of the punishment was a 50% reduction of wages for a period of two months. investigations are under way against four others.

[Ed – we have our doubts that any real classified material was ever passed on. Most of the military manuals that cover tactics used by the SEALs or US Sepcial Forces can be found in surplus stores or online. Instead this seems more like an unsanctioned collaboration that the Navy found offensive. The Navy has send out “consultants” for movies and other projects in the past and managed to work these into bringing in more people. This time they did not get to use it to boost recruiting so they are annoyed. They might also be retaliating for some of the comments that were made by SEALs during the days before the election…]

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