Saturday28 January 2023

Sharkoon presents 3 new mouse pads

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Sharkoon has introduced several mouse pads designed for gamers. The Sharkoon 1337 Tough Gaming Mouse Pad is designed for players of FPS titles and has dimensions of 355x255 mm and a thickness of 3 mm. It has a plastic backing for quick and precise movements, especially if you have mice with Teflon feet, and rubberized bottom part effectively prevents slipping on the table surface.

The Sharkoon FireGround textile mouse pad is significantly larger in size (855x345 mm) because it is designed to support both mouse and keyboard. The left part of the base that is intended for keyboard has  non-slip rubber feet, and the lower surface is also rubbed for safe positioning on the table. This medium has a thickness of 2.5 mm and DurableStitch seams, which should ensure a safe long term connection of textile and rubber layer of FireGround.

Finally, the model Keto comes in slightly smaller dimensions (280x195 mm) and is designed for owners of portable computers, who can be easily carry this mousepad between the screen and keyboard. Sharkoon Keto can then serve as a screen protection gear during transport. The substrate is also a textile with rubber bottom layer and the total thickness of only 1.2 mm. Price is 21.99 euros for 1337 and FireGround, while the mobile edition of Keto will cost only 6.99 euros.

[Ed – Unfortunately it is not always easy to get Sharkoon products in the US so this is good news for our EU and APAC readers, but not so much for the US. Still it is nice to see more gaming products for PC hitting the market. It is another sign (if you need anymore) that the PC is not going anywhere…]

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