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Smart Watch coming from Samsung too

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Samsung is working on the development of a smart watch, whose features, price and time of the start of sales are not yet known. And while the story of Apple's watch is still unofficial, development of the similar solutions from Samsung has been confirmed in an interview with Bloomberg by Lee Young Hee, the company's vice president of mobile division.

Lee Young Hee claims that Samsung has been preparing a smart watch for quite some time, and that the company will present several innovative products including, surely, the clock. Stories of Apple developing smart watch have been circling for some time, and they got working around a hundred of the company's employees on that project. According to unofficial sources, Apple could present their product as early as this year.

In the absence of innovation for smartphones, smart watches that are working in collaboration with mobile devices could make Apple, Samsung and other companies a very profitable business. Analysts estimate sales of 60 billion dollars for the global watchmaking industry this year. Several smaller companies have already recognized the trend and recently presented similar solutions, like Pebble hours or Martian Passport Watch.

[Ed- the idea of the "smart watch" is not new and by the time any of these companies get around to launching one they will still be far behind the leaders. One of the first to ever hit the market was from Timex in the form of the IronMan watch that was capable of tranfering data from your PC to the watch using light pulses from the monitor. You also have companies like Casio, I'm Spa and more that already have products on the market. I'm Spa's I'm watch is already in its second generation (we will have a review of this product up soon). This means that while the big players might be fighting for your dollar in a couple of months do not believe any claims from them that they are "first"...]

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