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Star Wars Episode... 7?

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Star Wars

A fan of the 'Force'? Well, you now have reason to rejoice! Or maybe to shudder. Disney has bought out Lucas Films, giving them exclusive rights to the Star Wars franchise. They paid about 4 billion dollars to acquire Lucas Films. With George Lucas, the founder, having retired from the film making business, having a large firm such as Disney carry on the work was one of the few options for fans ever seeing new Star Wars content.

One of the concerns many fans have is that it is Disney who will be holding the reins now. It is true that Disney has risen to glory courtesy of Mickey Mouse and other cartoons. “May the Mouse be with you” just doesn't have the same ring. The up coming trilogy is sure to have a different flavor than the 'original' films.

Will that be a bad thing though? The most recent Star Wars trilogy was not received as well by audiences as the the first. Disney did a fantastic job with the Avengers, the 3rd highest grossing film of all time. Although it is somewhat newer to them, Disney's action/sci fi movies have proven to be a success. Combined with the creative team at Pixar (also owned by Disney), viewers can expect a stellar film... in 2015.

Will you watch Episode 7? What do you think will be different, and possibly better? Let us know on the forums or Facebook!

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