Thursday30 March 2023

Steam counts 50 million users

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The Vice-president of Sega's department for digital distribution asserted during London Games Conference that Valve's Steam has a whopping 50 million registered users. In addition, approximately half a million users willingly embraced the so-called Big Picture mode, which is currently in the beta testing phase. Also we wrote about Linux beta for the Steam client getting 5000 more users so soon these numbers could explode even further.

Remember, the Big Picture mod brings a new interface specially adapted for use on large screens such as TVs, and through which they navigate with a gamepad. Valve created this option to those players who have difficulties separating from their armchair and enjoy the "console" approach to gaming. The interface that it has is quite impressive and it is not left behind by those you can find on Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.

While Valve has not officially confirmed the above statistics, Clarke's words have a certain amount of weight since Sega works closely with Valve on a large number of games like the Total War series, Football Manager and others. Just to compare, Xbox Live had 40 million subscribers in January 2012 while the PlayStation Network had 90 million accounts by March 2012. As far as the PC world is concerned there is also Origin, but it “only” has 9 million users.

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