Monday27 March 2023

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On the 22nd of March Okta finally confirmed that they were breached in January for a period of 5 days. The breach, according to information now disclosed, happened due to the compromise of an account of a support engineer. The compromised user was not an Okta employee but belonged to a third party engineer working for Sitel. This event was downplayed by Okta as they claimed only the account was impacted and no clients were known to be exposed at the time.

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Will someone tell Microsoft (again) that to lead in the industry means not just following the competition? They seem to have lost that message again as we are hearing that they will require a Microsoft account to set up and use future versions of Windows 11 Pro. This frustrating need to be attached to the internet and beholden to Microsoft just to use your operating system has always been an odd choice to me, but it is Microsoft and when they can’t figure out what to do, they tend to just copy features (and bad ones at that) from Apple or Google.

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