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Jim Croce one sang that there are some things that you just do not do; one of them should be not to try and steal the unofficial logo for the group Anonymous.  Foolishly this is what a French company has done and has now drawn the wrath of a group that claims ties to the hacker/activist collective. The company in question is named Early flicker and they have registered the headless man and tag line that Anonymous uses in all of their communication “We are Anonymous, We do not forgive, We do not forget. Expect us”.

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animal_farm-pigsToday’s copyright, patent and intellectual property laws are something to read. If you have an extra couple of days that you do not mind losing you should read through some of them. They are astonishing in their complexity and how they take are working not to help foster invention, but to make sure that competition is limited. In fact, many Americans might be interested to know that our own National Anthem would be considered in violation of Copyright.

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73In a very interesting twist on the Occupy movement Subpoenas are being issued demanding information relating to many of the Websites that related to the Occupy cause. One of the Subpoenas that was posted on is asking for quite a bit of information including “Any and all documents and records relating to the following articles posted on the Website including records of the IP addresses and pseudo names of the blog posters.”

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