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Friday, 10 May 2013 21:31

Another redesign for Google Play


If you use Android then Google Play is your main destination where you find new interesting, useful, fun application. Google Play has often changed appearance in recent years, (sometimes even the name, but with not so much success), so it's nothing extraordinary that they have once again decided to do a new redesign.

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Thursday, 02 May 2013 21:22

First exclusive game for OUYA



Kim Swift and his team at Airtight Games have presented their new game which was developed exclusively for OUYA console, called Soul Fjord. The game is currently in its final stages, and Airtight Games has released several trailers to interested gamers, from which we can see what to expect from this game once it appears on the market.

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According to Blackberry consumers will become tired of tablets in the next five years. Now, considering the massive growth that the tablet market has had over the past 2-3 years that might sound a little off the mark. To be perfectly honest we thought the claim was a little unusual when we first heard it as well. However Blackberry is not the only company that is foreseeing a future after the tablet has run its course. Not that long ago Gabe Newell said that he felt that touch enabled devices like the tablet were a transition device which would have a limited life span. He did not know what the next step in the evolution is but he was pretty convinced that touch was not going to stay the standard for long.

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Monday, 29 April 2013 10:06

Fun with numbers Windows Tablet Edition

MS Surface

There has been a few articles that popped up over the weekend crowing about Microsoft’s Windows 8 and how it has jumped in numbers from 0 to 7.4% market share in a single quarter. The claim is interesting and also very misleading if you actually take the time to read the data used as a basis for this claim. In most of the articles that we read the data source is from Strategy Analytics which does not show ANY data that represents Q4 12 to Q1 13 they instead cover same quarter year to year (Q1 12 compared to Q3 13).

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Sunday, 28 April 2013 10:25

Intel To Take up the Android for x86 Flag


It looks like Intel is branching out in other directions in terms of operating system partners. Currently they work with both Microsoft and Apple as the primary processor for systems running these two competing OSes. Now Intel is looking to the tablet and mobile market as they cozy up with Google’s Android. Although the announcement is fairly recent many have heard the rumblings through a few teasing comments made on the internet.

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I read something today that had me thinking about how quickly the tables have turned on Apple. In 2011 pundits and analysts were crowing about the invulnerability of Apple and their iPhone and iPad. The going belief was that Apple would continue to dominate the consumer electronics market until 2018. Even conservative estimated put Apple as the market leader until 2015. So why would the media be talking about a survey which claims Apple will overtake Android by 2016?

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Sunday, 21 April 2013 19:31

BadNews malware on Google Play


According to security firm Lookout, recently there was 32 apps on Google Play that contained malicious software called BadNews. Applications were from 4 different developer accounts, and were downloaded between 2 and 9 million times. Lookout immediately warned Google, which has suspended the accounts and disabled download of suspicious applications.

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Saturday, 13 April 2013 18:18

Raspberry Pi reaches 500,000 copies

500000 RPi

If you wonder who are those hardworking workers that produce probably the most popular hobby computer today - fantastic Raspberry Pi, the answer may surprise you. They are Sony's employees in their factory in Wales. Although behind Raspberry production are two companies, Premier Farnell and RS Components, the former has no own facilities but they rentead a Sony factory in Pencoed, Wales last November, which has so far made over half a million of these devices.

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If you want to talk about something frightening how does being able to crash a plane with little more than an Android Smartphone sound? This scenario that is right out of a movie script is apparently all too possible as was demonstrated at a talk by Hugo Teso. Teso who has 11-years of experience in IT and 12 as a commercial pilot combined what he knows about both fields and came up with a way to hack a plane.

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Apple is continuing their divorce of Google as they are now rumored to be in talks to bring in another search partner. The parent in question is none other than Google rival Yahoo!. We are not sure what Apple hopes to accomplish by partnering up with a search company that has fallen as far as Yahoo has, but we are betting that some of it has to do with removing as much Google as possible. In the past year Apple has moved away from Google Maps and pulled YouTube as a pre-installed App.

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