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Thursday, 09 August 2012 11:14

Samsung's Galaxy Note 10.1 Already Rooted

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Although Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10.1 has just hit the market the device has already been rooted by the team at RootGalaxynote.com. This actually should come as no surprise when you consider that the Note 10.1 is probably very similar internally to the original note and other Samsung products currently on the market (and also the fact that it comes with Ice Cream Sandwich). As of right now the root only works for the European and Saudi Arabia/UAE versions and we have no word on when the US or other Firmware versions will be rooted, but we except it to happen very soon.

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If there is one thing I really cannot stand, it is blatant spin (well, two things since you can also throw in FUD). These two items are becoming rather rampant in the technical media (almost as bad as in the TV news). There are some who have claimed it is because the technical press has become a big business now and is no longer concerned with the facts or anything close to them. What they want is entertainment.  There is another factor to this that many might be missing; technical sites are capable of spreading FUD and spin on a massive scale. If a company wants to get the word out they can “leak” information to a few chosen sources and it will spread faster than bad news.

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One byproduct of the ongoing legal battle between Apple and anyone that makes a competing phone is that software developers are going to work out ways to do things better. This does not take away the fact that Apple’s insistence that they invented everything is not hurting consumers, but there will come a time when their pattern will only hurt them. One very cool thing that has popped up because of some of the search issues is a brand new search feature from Google. It is capable of taking your handwriting and converting it to a text based search string.

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Straight from the Black Hat Conference in Las Vegas we have some bad news for the Apple fans. It seems that the myth surrounding the security of the iPhone is starting to crack around the edges. This is something that we predicted would happen when the trend to use Smartphones for common net tasks first started appearing. It only make sense that malicious coders would start hitting out smart phones after all. I mean how many people use their phones for banking, personal and work email, store passwords to online accounts in their phones with password lockers and more. To be honest, considering the number of smart phones in use, we are surprised that it has taken this long.

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Well looks like we were close to the mark with our comments this morning about a Facephone. If you remember we had talked about the rumors that continually popup about this legendary device and some of the “indicators” that have had analysts and journalists even claiming to know when one would launch. So far we have heard everything from it will be Nokia/Microsoft effort to an HTC/Android product. The problem was that most guesses about this were based on the simple fact that Facebook hired people from Apple and Palm. What they did not do was really look at what those people did and what they are doing at Facebook.

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The Black Hat conference is happening right now in Sin City and already there is news coming out of the gather that should send chills down the spine of many smartphone owners. Apparently it is dead simple to exploit the NFC (Near Field Communications) found on Nokia and Samsung Products (this also extends to the NFC that will be in Apple’s devices when they are launched later this year). If you trot around with your NFC feature enabled someone can gain control of your phone by simply brushing a properly prepared tag against it.

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As we near the launch of two new phones the rumors are building again around a Facebook phone (dubbed the Facephone by many). This is a rumor is something we have covered on more than one occasion and while we still think that it would be a flop (for many reasons) the rumors are interesting when we take a look at their origins and the companies they involve. The latest one involves HTC as the potential partner with Android as the base OS. It comes on the heels of new information about the team of developers that Facebook has picked up from Apple and Palm.

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Nokia is laboring under some false expectations with their Lumia phones and the upcoming release of Windows Phone 8. It seems that despite the lack of market share and a dubious demand for Windows Phone in general they feel that building exclusive deals with carriers is the way to go. We find this very odd considering that the numbers they have now are only due to the proliferation of Windows Phone 7 based Lumias in the market. If they were restricted to single carriers in every market they would not have the 10.9 million units shipped that they have now.

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Apple is in an interesting position right now and it is one that we are not sure will work out to their benefit. Although Apple is following other smart phone manufacturers and catching up to where they were 2 years ago they are also working very hard to patent items that should NEVER be allowed. Because of this we have a feeling that Apple will be pushing their legal battle on the smartphone and tablet front even harder than before. The problem is that they will only come out looking bad in the end especially overseas where some of the courts are starting to wake up to Apple’s pattern of broad “attack” patents meant for use against competitors.

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Ok I love the surveys that seem to sprout like magic whenever we get close to anther iPhone launch. It is not just that these are ridiculous precepts of surveying a small sampling and thinking that you are getting an accurate depiction of what a market is interested it is more than they always have some of the most bizarre interpretations that I have ever seen. These are the types of analysis that would have given my statistics instructor a heart attack. I am getting ahead of myself so let me explain in a little more detail.

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