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Popularity of benchmark application was exploited by manufacturers of mobile devices that managed to present their device better than it really was with little tricks like short-period overclocking and similar. Thanks to these practices over time, benchmark tools have become quite unreliable. This was also due to fact that different results were achieved when testing the same device with different benchmark tools.

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AnandTech did a research on benchmark tests for mobile phones, and when they finished with analysing data which was collected from July to September this year, confirmation came that almost every manufacturer of smart devices cheats when performing benchmark tests.

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The Consumer Electronics world is a very interesting one (it is also very entertaining). There is a ton of money and effort put into conveying a message for this or that product and service by people that, often, do not even know the technology they are talking about. On top of that there is a media presence that is made up of everything from the entry level user to the ubergeeks. You have blogs, news sites, review sites, company review sites, Amazon reviews, New Egg Blogs and customer reviews and more. It is almost impossible to get any real information out of what is broadcast on the internet these days. This is even more true when you have all of these sites rushing to get their article out first. This environment has created a situation where information is partially researched, based solely on synthetic tests or (even worse) is more opinion than fact.

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