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Apple has submitted a request for two new patents that based on collected information to automatically adjust battery consumption. Apple's iPhone will continue to monitor your habits when you use the phone, when you use it the most, and when it is idle. Also it will monitor when you charge it and how long do you do it, do you only cherge it when the battery is low, or hold it connected to the charger all day because there's a socket.

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Portable electronic devices are everywhere today, from cell phones to tablets, and more find their way into our hands every day.  The power-hungry gadgets we have today often require daily charging, sometimes more often than that.  In the usual course of day-to-day life that isn’t an issue, as power is readily available and inexpensive, but sometimes we need our portable electronics to be portable for more than a day. 

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Thursday, 07 February 2013 21:04

Solar display patent for Apple


Smartphones have evolved over time, in almost every aspect, except for the battery life. Moreover, this aspect is one of the few in which most smart phones seem to keep going backwards as the rest of their technology gets faster.

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Cell phone battery life is one of the biggest complaints for users. You might keep chargers plugged in to your computer, your car, and the outlet by your bed, but if your phone is constantly busy recharging, you're missing out on the convenience of a mobile device. Fortunately, you don't have to be a techie to use some of these smart changes that increase your phone's battery life.

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Wednesday, 05 September 2012 20:36

IPhone 5 battery leaked

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With just a few days left until the announcement of the new iPhone from Apple, we bumped leaked photos of the battery that is supposed to be in the device on the internet. If you can’t wait to get a glimpse of something, anything from new the iPhone here are some photos for you. The guys at iResQ apparently have quite a few pieces of iPhone and they have decided to place this new battery in their chassis, and it fits perfectly. Hopefully it will solve issues with battery drain while using 3G and LTE which is still quite a big problem. It would be nice if you didn’t have to charge your iPhone literally every day if you intend to do a bit of surfing, check some videos online or maybe play multiplayer games.

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Tuesday, 07 August 2012 12:24

OS X Mountain Lion killing battery life?

OS X Mountain Lion killing battery life

Shortly after the newest version of Apple's OS X operating system, Mountain Lion, became available Apple's support forum became swarmed with angry users complaining about shorter battery life. The claims came in after they upgraded to Mountain Lion. The latest version of OS X  was released on  July 25th, but it didnt take long before its first flaws came to the surface. Forum thread's about this problem has reached 34,200 views and is around 40 pages long. This would seem to show that the problem is very common. User jpengland96 first reported the issue saying: “I upgraded to mountail Lion and now my battery life is about half of what it was before upgrading. Shouldn't the update improve battery life? Also, what can I do about this?”.

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Padfone-01For those of you that are pinning for the Asus Padfone (we know we are) there is some good news (well sort of). Since it was first shown off at CES 2010 (in render form) there has been talk about battery life. Now that we have seen what devices like the Transformer and Transformer prime can do there has been even more speculation on the topic. Well is seems that Asus decided to let Engadget in on some battery performance numbers.

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