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Thursday, 04 May 2023 12:26

Who do you trust with AI? Well… No One

The other day while wading through the sludge that is the internet, I stumbled across a poll on Twitter asking the binary question “Who do you trust more with AI; Bill Gates or Elon Musk?” This led to a fun few hours diving deeper into that particular rabbit hole. I stumbled across articles where Bill Gates talks about AI via interviews as well as some interviews of Elon where he disparages Gates’ grasp on AI. Like I said, fun.

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Saturday, 12 October 2013 12:52

New Microsoft's CEO by the end of the year

According to the announcement, Steve Ballmer will withdraw from  the leading position at Microsoft by August next year, but according to new infomation it could be much earlier.

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Bill Gates

According to Newton there is a reaction for every action. Now this law was intended to be applied to the world of physical objects and how they interact with each other. However it would seem that it also applies to how we interact with each other on more than just a physical level. One new example of this is that stock holders are looking to remove Bill Gates from Microsoft as Chairman of the Board. Gates was a strong supporter of Steve Ballmer during his tenure. He supported the move to a products and services company and many other moves that Ballmer took.

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According to some financial media, the recent decline in shares of Microsoft for 11 percent, made Steve Ballmer a very unhappy person who is obviously not able to curb the situation that one of the largest technology giants is in today.

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Thursday, 15 November 2012 21:21

Rumors claim that Sinosky was not a team player


Although Steven Sinofsky successfully led Microsoft's important projects, a few days ago he left under unusual circumstances. If you ask Microsoft, the decision was mutual and Microsoft claims that Sinosky was not expelled from the company. However, according to rumors current Microsoft President Steve Ballmer had enough and wanted to get rid of Sinosky.

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asusdsc03767If you want to get a good grasp on how much Microsoft needs Windows 8 and their Surface tablet to work all you have to do is take a look at who they have talking about it. Right now they have gotten Bill Gates to talk about Surface and also to back Ballmer’s play on having Microsoft make their own. This comes the day after they call for a $6.2 billion write down and not long after we have heard that Nokia is making backup plans for if Windows Phone 8 fails in the market.

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250px-Ardre_Odin_SleipnirIn our articles and editorials you have heard us use some interesting terms that are not commonly used in marketing or PR. One of these is the Corporate Personality another is the Corporate Mythology. Now, you are never going to hear PR or Marketing people use these terms as they are not always positive. However we feel they are accurate. In fact my first exposure to the term Corporate Mythology was in a class on economics and its impact in military strategy. In it the instructor asked us to identify certain key people in a corporate economy and describe their function in the business and how they affected the whole. When we were done he showed us how these central people formed the corporate mythology by comparing them directly to Norse, Greek and Roman Mythology. It was an amazing thing to see in practice.

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