Ever since the announcement of Windows 8 there has been a renewed push for gaming on Linux. We saw one game developer even go so far as to make their own semi-customized flavor of Linux in the form of the SeamOS. Although interest in Linux gaming has tailored off due to delays in the “Steam Box” and other problems (lack of games) we are hearing that at least one very popular AAA title will be coming to Linux.

Deal of the day 10-20-2013 Bioshock Infinite for $9.99
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One of our readers sent this one in and it looks like it is a pretty nice one. It looks like Amazon is offering Bioshock Infinite for only $9.99 in digital format. This download is only for the PC and we are not sure if there is any time limit on the deal, so we recommend that you grab this one while you can.


First off, let me say that I don’t buy brand new PC games very often.  I buy them even less often on release day, and even rarer is the occasion when I find myself actually sitting at the computer watching the clock for the official release time so the game will unlock.  Having said that, for some games there really isn’t another option.

Bioshock-infinite-logoIn more software news it looks like the eagerly anticipate release of Bioshock Infinite is going to be pushed back a few months. Originally the game was meant to launch in October, but now has been pushed back to late February 2013. This delay has gotten some annoyed while others appear to welcome it, if it means a better game.