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When I was in the military, one of the things that I noticed was a massive reluctance to create new and unusual scenarios for war games. Instead, we always seemed to train for the last major combat theater. When going to the National Training Center the OpFor (opposing force) team would just run circles around the visiting units. This is because they were always looking at new strategies, tactics, and logistical methods to support them. The visitors would come in with ideas that things would be the same as last time and just get their asses handed to them. There were rare occasions when the visiting units won, but they were the exception and not the rule.

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passwords stolen thanks to a BMC chip with a fairly serious Universal Plug-n-Play feature. According to security researcher Zachary Wikholm, there is s a flaw in the IPMI BIOS on the WPCM450 BMC (Baseboard Management Controller) that Supermicro uses on their boards (with the exception of very newest ones).

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To say I am leery of The Cloud would be to make a very mild understatement. Ever since the first true cloud services hit the market (and were hacked) I have been concerned with the continued push to get more people onboard while little attention is paid to actually securing these services and the user data they contain. In a conversation I recently had, I brought up the fact that we are only in June and already have had 7 major breaches. Security (or the lack of) is a big issue, yet we do not see the companies building and selling “The Cloud” making the changes needed to protect what is already out there.

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