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Today Anandtech had an announcement from Intel about a reduction to their desktop motherboard business with a ramp down planned over the next three years. This means that Intel will begin to bow out of this market slowly with an expected exit sometime around 2016. Intel will continue to work with third party manufacturers in the design and build of their boards including the development of reference boards for new form factors (like the one used for the Next Unit of Computing).  The question is; what will this mean to both Intel and the rest of the desktop market? In truth it means very little to the majority of the market, but it is significant in many ways.

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Wednesday, 17 October 2012 22:20

Financially Speaking, Intel vs AMD


It seems like every other amateur computer builder has joined the fan club of either Intel or AMD for their processor needs. It is no secret that Intel builds over-all more capable processors; if you are willing to cough up the extra cash for diminishing returns in the area of performance. AMD has typically been seen as the more cost effective solution for gaming (though, this is highly debatable currently), and sells over all less expensive processors.

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