Wednesday29 March 2023

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One of the dangers of pointing anything out about the security, or lack of security, with a product or service is the chance that someone will not like what you say and come after you. This is what is happening with Chris Vickery. If you do not know who Vickery is we can give you some background. Vickery is a security researcher that has been focusing on systems and services that cater to kids and parents. He has uncovered some rather unsettling information about a number of products that leak information about kids. The revelations are very disturbing to say the least.

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Tuesday, 29 December 2015 10:17

191 Million US Voter Records out on the open web

You have to love how easy it is to find information out in the wilds of the internet. In the last couple of weeks a number of cloud-databases have been found to be leaking data to the interment due to an almost total lack of security. The latest one seems to be a group of 191… Million voters in the US. Yup, if you have voted in any election since 2000 your personal information is out there on the open internet. The information that is out contains names, addresses, party affiliation and voter ID numbers… it is not as bad as it could be, but it is still bad.

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The push into the cloud has been a concerning one as has to the glut of devices, games, services and other that rely on the cloud to exist. One of our main areas of concern is with the storage of user information. We know that most companies are going to spend the least amount of time and money to secure the information they collect. The bean counters seem to feel that the risk of losing your data is small enough to justify leaving things as they are and if there is a breach, well that is what insurance is for.

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