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Thursday, 20 March 2014 09:52

OnePlus One to come with Sony CMOS sensor

Chinese company OnePlus announced its smartphone. It will have 13 megapixel rear camera with Sony's Exmor IMX214 CMOS sensor that has an opening aperture at f/2.0. To prevent any distortion optics consists of six lenses that will also serve to enhance the color and image quality.

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Wednesday, 04 September 2013 14:37

New Developments Move Graphene Closer To Our CPUs


In a paper titled “Graphene-Based Non-Boolean Logic Circuits” a group of researchers from University of California Riverside explain how certain limitations with graphene could be overcome in the near future. Graphene, for those of you that might not be familiar, is one potential replacement material for processors. This is not just CPUs, but could include a large array of electronic components. However, there has been a problem with graphene that no one has been able to completely overcome. Due to some of the physical and electrical properties of graphene (one atom thick, high electron mobility) graphene has been seen as a solid replacement for the material used to build integrated circuits. However, those same properties make it very inefficient for building traditional transistors.

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Tuesday, 30 October 2012 20:43

OmniVision brings cheaper cameras to smartphones


OmniVision has developed a CMOS sensor designed for use in mid-range smartphones. In this way, the mid-range devices should close the gap in image quality with advanced, higher-priced models. Vinoo Margasahayam, senior product marketing manager at OmniVision said that “Industry research projects that 8-megapixel cameras will continue to enjoy a dominant position in the mobile device market in the foreseeable future. To stay at the forefront of this trend, OmniVision developed a leading-edge 8-megapixel image sensor for smartphones and tablets. The OV8835's fast frame rates, excellent pixel performance and low power consumption are critical performance benefits for manufacturers.”

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