Little to no information released about Mass Effect 4 at E3 2014
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There are some concerned gamers out there today as BioWare made some interesting comments about the future of Mass Effect. One of the biggest ones was a continual reference to Next Generation. The game, which puts players into a trouble future, is a highly popular one even if the ending to the last installment did annoy some of the more hardcore fans.

Remember when we said that Microsoft was trying to make up for recent mistakes on company direction? Well we have another example of that. Originally Microsoft had made statements to the effect that they would not be releasing new versions of older Xbox games and that there would be no compatibility with the next generation console. Part of this was simply due to the fact that the Xbox One was moving to x86 hardware and the costs (in terms of performance) to create an emulation layer for older games was not worth the effort.

Microsoft has finally released a driver that allows you to use the Xbox One Controller on a PC. For some this is big news and they have been waiting for it since shortly after the release of Microsoft’s latest console. For others this might not be such a big deal as you can simply use the older Xbox 360 controllers or buy a PC game controller if you really need to get your PC gaming fix (many PC gamers still use a keyboard and mouse).

In a recent report to investors Sony's Kaz Hirai confirmed that approximately 50% of the owners of the PlayStation 4 have an active PlayStation Plus subscription, and that the number of active users on PSN recently risen to 52 million.

Xbox One sales are hardly catching up with the PlayStation 4 and Microsoft decided to prevent that  problem in two ways. The first is a new cheaper version of Xbox One, which is on sale without the Kinect camera, and other one is the optimization of software to compensate for the difference in performance.

Microsoft to offer Xbox One without Kinect and drop price to $399
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Ed Fries, the father of the first Xbox said a few days ago that he likes the idea that every Xbox One is the same, because it is important for developers . According to him, problem with the previous version of the console (Xbox 360) was that some consoles were sold without hard drives. But now it looks like Fries did not know that his former colleagues at Microsoft are preparing a new, cheaper package of the Xbox One. From June 9, Kinectless Xbox One will go on sale.

Hearthstone will not arrive on consoles, atleast not until there is enough interest for it
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Blizzard has confirmed that they currently do not plan to publish Hearthstone on consoles. Instead consoles, Hearthstone will soon arrive on the Android platform, and Blizzard prepares the first expansion called Curse of Naxxramas beside that.

7 Million PS4s sold, Xbox One still at 5...
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Sid Shuman from Sony Computer Entertainment revealed that the PlayStation 4 was so far sold in more than 7 million copies worldwide. Software sales also marked an increase amounting to 20.5 million copies sold through the PS Store and in standard retail stores. Shortly after Microsoft responded with their sales results which are a bit lower, 5 million consoles sold worldwide which are followed by 2.9 games on each console.

Sunday, 13 April 2014 20:03

Private matches introduced in Titanfall

On the Titanfall's official website news appeared about the new big update for the aforementioned network shooter from Respawn Entertainment. Patch will bring corrections for so far identified bugs, balance of the gameplay, but also beta testing of what is named Private Match.

In a new publication on the official website of the creators of the popular Bastion was confirmed that their new project, Transistor, will be available to play on May 20. The game will be available upon release for the PC and PlayStation 4 at a price of €18.99.