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Life would not be the same without new popping up that one state level threat actor or another was attacking and compromising US defense contractors or other businesses linked to US national security and defense. The counties of origin for these actors become a blur over time, although you do see some highlighted depending on current political trends. The two most often bandied about are Russia and China with North Korea getting an honorable mention.

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Are you still sure that you want to sign up for that online service? Well you might want to think twice considering recent news. Last year we watched as Blizzard, LastFM, LinkedIn and others had their security breached and user information stolen. Now there is another online service that has had their security broken and their users’ information exposed to attackers. The online deals site LivingSocial fell victim to a cyber-attack that left over 50 Million (yes 50 Million) users’ data exposed.

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90It looks like there is a new exploit out for Microsoft’s Internet Explorer (all versions) which affects people running everything from XP to Windows 7. The security issue was not patched with the last round of Microsoft patches (called Patch Tuesday) so it remains an active and open security hole. According to Microsoft Security Advisory 2719615 there is a flaw in their XML Core services that can allow an attacker to execute arbitrary code at the same level of permission as the logged in user.

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animal_farm-pigsToday’s copyright, patent and intellectual property laws are something to read. If you have an extra couple of days that you do not mind losing you should read through some of them. They are astonishing in their complexity and how they take are working not to help foster invention, but to make sure that competition is limited. In fact, many Americans might be interested to know that our own National Anthem would be considered in violation of Copyright.

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