Tuesday21 March 2023

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The rush of American consumers to online shops in the last days before Christmas apparently surprised the traders . Despite numerous analyisis and statistics, it seems that companies like Amazon and Wal -Mart, and courier service such as UPS as well, failed to accurately predict the amount of sales that will occur this year.

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The company Amazon in the holiday period, more precisely in the week preceding Christmas, on its website recorded 426 products sold every second.

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Sunday, 29 December 2013 23:34

People love to do online shopping naked

A marketing research company, Reputation Leaders conducted a survey for PayPal on customers' habits on the Internet during holiday shopping. Online survey was conducted in November and included 4,524 respondents from nine countries (Australia, France, Italy, Canada, Germany, Russia, Singapore, the UK and the US), ranging from 16 up to 64 year of life.

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