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Thursday, 26 September 2013 22:02

AMD plans a Cheaper FX-9000 line


AMD has once again lowered the price of processors from the line FX-9000, the company's flagship chips for overclockers and enthusiasts. Company in the US FX-9000 series of processors only sells to PC manufacturers, but on European soil they had been available to interested buyers in several online hardware stores.

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Friday, 01 February 2013 05:18

Cheaper FX-4130 on the way

 MG 7897

AMD has introduced another processor within the Vishera platform for AM3 + socket. It is a quad-core FX-4130 chip with a Piledriver architecture. This new CPU inherits the old model name FX-4100 and it is very similar in price and performance. It looks like AMD wants to give at least a small upgrade for users of this older socket.

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Although the news has been more about the massive global war between Apple and anyone that makes an Android phone there is more going on in the world of tech than just those few items. Today we have heard that AMD will be launching a new CPU and it has already popped up for pre-order on at least one site. The news is noteworthy in that the CPU was originally expected to hit earlier this year with a number of other SKUs. We are not sure if today’s announcement is an indication that we will be seeing the other six missing products in the coming months, but for AMD fans this is potentially very good news.

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