The long rumored acquisition of game-streaming service Twitch by Ad-Giant Google has finally been confirmed, in what is looking to be a $1Billion deal. The original rumor surfaced back in May of this year when an article appeared in Variety. There were rumors that Microsoft and even Facebook were also looking into a purchase.

Valve's streaming service came out of beta, which means that everyone interested  can sream content from the main PC to other devices in the home. Steam In-Home Streaming also opens up the possibility to play game titles for Windows PC on Mac OS X, Linux and SteamOS devices, and of course the weaker hardware devices, netbooks, laptops or HTPC devices.

Google has apparently decided to buy Twitch, a platform for publishing content from games, according to Variety. The value of the acquisition is estimated at over a billion dollars.

nV_LogonVidia is moving to create their own cloud-based gaming solution using Kepler as their base. After what we saw with Lucid and even at the nVidia press conference at CES this year we are not surprised at all. Gaming is one of nVidia’s biggest investments and it only stands to reason that they would want to capitalize on this in one way or another.