Saturday04 February 2023

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YouTube and copyright has been a controversial subject since they first hit the internet. The problem is who is liable for copyright infringement. Is it the poster or the service? The copyright gang would love to tell you it is both. They want the chance to go after the individuals and also to be sure to get financially compensated by the service provider. Sadly in the US the courts are siding with the copyright cartels for a multitude of reasons (none are based on how technology works though). In EMEA, well things are a tad different over there.

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73In what has to be an upset for Google’s YouTube video service German courts found that YouTube was indeed responsible for the copyrighted material posted by users. The findings of the court are frightening in more ways than just the big check that Google will be writing to pay for the Copyright infringement that happened due to users of the popular video service.

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