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Two new variants of Cobalt Strike written in Ggoogle’s Golang have popped up on the wild internet. According to SentinelOne, this new flavor is set up to target macOS systems. They have also noted that this new beacon (called Geacon) has been popping up on malware review sites like Virus Total in the past few months. The new detections could be part of red-teaming exercises, but the increase seems to indicate that real-world malicious activity is also part of the surge in detections.

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The Go Programing Language (Go or Golang) was developed back in 2007 by a few engineers who were working at Google at the time. Go was launched in 2009 as an open-source programing language and it is primarily used in Google’s own production systems. It has been described as Python meets C and has syntax similarities with C and procedural similarities with Python (dynamic-typing etc.). So, you end up with a language that has quickness, security, and structure of a compiled programing language along with the development speed and simplicity of a dynamic language.

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