Friday31 March 2023

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diablo_3dhackIt looks like the gang behind Diablo III still feel their severs are secure enough to go ahead with their Real Money Auction House. This is where you can spend real money for virtual items that are collected in the game world. Blizzard gets a cut of the money that changes hands so we understand why they are pushing ahead, but what we do not get is how they can continue to move forward on this when they have had so many unanswered security questions.

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despdThere is a tendency to assign personalities to corporations due to the way they seem to, at times, to take on the life of their CEO. One of the places this is most noticeable is in the tech industry. One good example of this it Apple, under Steve Jobs rule Apple became an extension of his personality and drive. Under Tim Cook we are seeing a change in Apple with things happening that never would have under Jobs. So you can see how it is easy to view a corporation as a single collective instead of the many, many parts that go to make them up.

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