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If you have never heard of the developer Bungie then you probably are not a Halo fan. Bungie is the company that was responsible for Halo 1-3. Now they are working on another project that is to be a little less exclusive, Destiny.  As Bungie is only known for their work on Halo the industry and consumers are sure to be keeping an eye on Destiny to see if Halo was a fluke or if Bungie can really write a game.

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Remember when we said that Microsoft was trying to make up for recent mistakes on company direction? Well we have another example of that. Originally Microsoft had made statements to the effect that they would not be releasing new versions of older Xbox games and that there would be no compatibility with the next generation console. Part of this was simply due to the fact that the Xbox One was moving to x86 hardware and the costs (in terms of performance) to create an emulation layer for older games was not worth the effort.

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Saturday, 24 November 2012 10:54

Halo 4 to get a big update

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343 Industries says that on Monday we can expect news for Halo 4. It is a modification of the existing multiplayer modes. 343 Industries continues to work on the fourth Halo and they have announced that they are preparing new options for the multiplayer game modes called Oddball and King of the Hill for next week. Of course, there are also new maps called Haven Complex, Adrift, Solace and Abandon. Actually it is a modification of the existing playlists for Halo 4. Specifically, mods Oddball and King of the Hill will be accessible next week without pre-prepared team.

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Tuesday, 16 October 2012 11:42

Microsoft serious about pirated Halo 4


Halo 4 will be released worldwide on November 6, 2012 but a pirated version of the game has already leaked to the web and can be found on popular torrent sites. We are not surprised that Halo 4 has already been pirated as this is one of Microsoft’s most popular games especially if you consider the multiplayer side. Users are eager to try it and they will, in most cases download the pirated version, at least to try it. This really pissed Microsoft off; they decided to permanently ban all Xbox Live users that are caught playing a pirated version of the game while their console is connected to the Internet.

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halo-4-screenshot-2Today was an interesting day in gaming. Considering that it is a Saturday in the US (May 19th 2012) which is normally not a big new day we found some of the information interesting to say the least. One of the first is a bit of news from Microsoft. Here the title in question is Halo 4, the next episode with the now famous “Master Chief” in a new “trilogy” of Halo games. The new was an interesting counter to the claim that the November 2012 launch date for Halo 4 was going to signal the launch of a new XboX.

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