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It is no secret that the NSA and DoD (Department of Defense) and other Government agencies have an issue with security. Over the last few years their security has been about as effect as using a sieve to carry water. The top 10 list of security faux paus include such wonders as the Snowden leak and the OPM breach. However, when I see the White House (any administration) send out memorandums telling Government agencies to tighten up security I laugh a bit.

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Yesterday morning we told you about a rumored bug in an older encryption protocol, SSL 3.0. Today the details of this bug were released and although it looks bad, it might not be as big as first hinted. The bug has been called Poodle (Padding Oracle On Downloaded Legacy Encryption) and has sparked many articles with clever lines about dogs and biting people… For all of that nonsense this is not something that is going to go away and highlights a major issue in how we communicate over the internet.

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Over the course of the years you have read many (many, many) articles about security. These articles have ranged from details on specific breaches to general security information. One of the big areas that we cover is the lack of motivation to maintain proper security in the cloud and also on the internet. We have talked at length about the way many businesses treat security from a planning view or even in the face of a real threat.

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