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Christopher Chaney, a 36-year old office clerk from Florida, pleaded guilty to hacking into e-mail accounts and interception in nine cases, although he was actually sued in over 50 e-mail account hacking cases. Among his victims were well-known actresses Scarlett Johansson, Mila Kunis and singer Christina Aguilera. He has to pay a total of $ 66,179 to the victims of his work.

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14621rotten_appleAlthough it will come as no surprise to anyone really the is now a report stating that Symantec’s estimation of the number of infected Macs with the Flashback Trojan might have been a tad low. You all remember that a couple of weeks ago Apple admitted to the malware and its effect on OSX. They finally released a patch for the affected subsystem (the Java API in Safari) and then released a tool that was supposed to identify and fix infected systems. This was actually after Kaspersky and F-Secure released tools to perform the same task.

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17The war for and against SOPA has once again heated up. We have already told you that the entertainment industry, content owners, and lawmakers are working very hard to push through legislation to get what they want (control of the internet as a means of distribution of their content). It does not matter that the simple act of do this violates many Civil Liberties or that it represents a violation of the very basic tenants of the existing Anti-Trust laws that we have. Now only a few days after Chris Dodd let slip that the MPAA is working to reopen SOPA (or something worse) we find that a new power lobby has sprung up from the ground to take the banner of censorship and wave it.

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