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Sunday, 08 December 2013 20:35

$100 million investment for storage service Box

Box, one of the most popular service for storing data in the cloud, has collected about $100 million of fresh investment capital, according to company's CEO Aaron Levie. In search for investors they turned to Europe, Japan, Australia and Latin America, since these are regions where they are planning to expand their business. After collecting this amount, the value of the company is estimated at about $2 billion.

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steve ballmer apple tablet

Microsoft’s investors are signaling that they are ready for change and they want someone who can facilitate that change to be the next CEO. You can see this desire in the suggestions that they have put forward to the Board; Ford CEO Alan Mulally while another potential replacement is Computer Sciences Corporation CEO Mike Lawrie. At least this is the going rumor after Yahoo published an article citing an unnamed source (aren’t they always?).

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Monday, 15 July 2013 22:11

$600,000 investment into Codeanywhere


Codeanywhere, which developed from PHPanywherea in 2011, slowly becomes equivalent to Google Docs, but for developers. Codeanywhere offers the possibility of developing web sites and applications as well as other desktop tools, but from any Internet browser and with any device. The code itself is automatically saved in the cloud in real time. With more than 150,000 users, Codeanywhere is emerging as one of the greatest players in the world of programming in the cloud.

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Thursday, 27 June 2013 19:25

Ouya investors facing shipping delay


Ouya, handheld console based on Android has it's name written in the history books as one of the most successful projects in the history of Kickstarter, with massive funding they managed to raise more than $8.5 million USD.

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Sunday, 07 April 2013 13:17

Tumblr attracts investors


According to unnamed sources whose statements were transmitted by the Business Insider, Tumblr is negotiating with investors about the new round of investment in the company. Tumblr last collected investments back in 2011, when with the estimated value of the company was $800 million they managed to collect a total of $125 million.

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