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It seems that at least one person is rather annoyed at AMD for making claims about certain FX series CPUs running Bulldozer cores. On November 4th the news went out that Tony Dickey had filed a class-action lawsuit on behalf of himself and others. The suit was actually filed back on October 26th and alleges violations of the Consumer Legal Remedies Act. This act covers misrepresentation and false advertising. Dicky alleges that AMD knowing mislead consumers about the number of functional cores Bulldozer CPUs have. AMD claims that Bulldozer has eight independent cores, Dickey says that there are only four that are functional.

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Tuesday, 06 May 2014 21:45

Oculus VR reject accusations from ZeniMax

After ZeniMax accused Oculus VR for stealing a technologies that were used to create Oculus Rift, the accused party decided to make a statement. The Oculus VR claim that not a single line of code from ZeniMax nor any of their technology is used in Oculus VR products.

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Monday, 15 April 2013 23:28

Actress sued IMDB because of fake birth date


Actress Junie Hoang is someone you probably  never heard of but what is important is that she feels very young and therefore decided to fake her birth year on her profile. She wrote 1978 instead of 1971 and the reason behind this is quite simple, she did it because she usually plays younger characters.

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animal_farm-pigsOver the course of the next few weeks you will read dozens of articles on the web and in print talking about the top technology and how this or that product shaped the market. However, no matter how impressive the technology was there was one thing that shaped the world of consumer electronics more than anything else. The lawsuit; it is a simple and unfortunate fact that patent and copyright lawsuits had a bigger impact on the consumer electronic market than any 5 products put together.

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