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Tuesday, 09 August 2011 07:15

Apple is at it again

73Ugh! I know people love Apple and they do make some cool gadgets, but it is getting ridiculous when they continue to go after company after company with patent lawsuits while illegally violating other’s patents. Now Apple the ITC is reviewing a complaint claiming that rival HTC has violated Apple’s patents with even more phones and a tablet. Apple wants an injunction to prevent HTC from being able to import these devices into the US (I guess that is one way to beat the competition).

At the same time they are doing this they have been found to be illegally using patents held by graphics company S3 (now owned by HTC). I have an idea for the legal system… how about you not allow any lawsuits by ANY company not in compliance with patent laws themselves. Make them prove they are not violating the same laws they are trying to abuse before you even let them in the door. My bet is that this will stop a ton of these useless and anti-competitive wastes of time and money long before they start.

Source CNET

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