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Tuesday, 06 May 2014 21:45

Oculus VR reject accusations from ZeniMax

After ZeniMax accused Oculus VR for stealing a technologies that were used to create Oculus Rift, the accused party decided to make a statement. The Oculus VR claim that not a single line of code from ZeniMax nor any of their technology is used in Oculus VR products.

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Monday, 21 April 2014 11:07

Record houses fille a lawsuit against Pandora

Several record companies filed a lawsuit against an Internet radio service Pandora due to the use of old songs without permission. Sony, Universal, Warner Music and independent houses ABKCO (owner of many of the early songs of the Rolling Stones) have accused Pandora of using songs recorded before February  15, 1972. without paying a license.

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Sunday, 06 April 2014 21:20

Google fined in Italy over Street View

Google has paid one million euros fine handed down to him by the Italian Authority for the protection of privacy (Garant per la protezione dei give personali) after complaints that their cars used to capture the surrounding area for the Street View were not clearly marked.

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After it was revealed that Alex Kibkalo from Microsoft leaked confidential information about new Microsoft products to a French blogger, who tried to check the veracity of the data by sending an inquiry to Microsoft, express investigation followed that resulted in Alex's arrest.

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John Chen, who is also the CEO of BlackBerry has decided to put an end to leaking information about new products the company is preparing. As stated in his post, he understands the need for users to know at all times what is going on in the company, and that the devices are in preparation, but they briefly applied too much damage and it must be stopped.

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Smartphone and digital device theft is a pretty big deal according to many statistics out there. It is a pretty easy crime when you think about it: grab someone’s phone and run. Even if they wipe all their personal data you can always sell the phone to someone that can reactivate it. There have been many suggestions for how to combat this type of crime, some more effective than others. However, the one that now seems to be rearing its ugly head more frequently is the concept of a kill-switch embedded into all smartphones that would allow a device to be permanently disabled by remote command and all personal data wiped.

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Sunday, 29 December 2013 20:36

Apple fined in Taiwan

Taiwan Trade Commission fined the company Apple with a fine in the amount of $667,000 because of their impact on the price of iPhone products and tariffs that go along with them in the Taiwanese telecommunications operators. Also, they noted that if this practice continues Apple will be punished with a much higher fine in the amount of $1,670,000.

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Friday, 06 December 2013 06:40

Hotifile shut down for good

Hotfile, one of the most popular services for sharing files has ceased their operations. In a recent court settlement Hotfile has agreed to pay a fine of $80 million for copyright infringement to several movie studios. It is the result of a lawsuit for copyright infringement started in March 2012. submitted by Disney, Fox, Universal, Sony Pictures and Warner against Hotfile CEO, Anthony Tito.

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Monday, 18 November 2013 15:11

Apple Get's Another Chance at a Samsung Ban...

In the long running battle between Samsung an Apple there is new twist. It seems that an appeals court would like a lower court to reconsider the Apple request for a permanent injunction on Samsung products based on three utility patents. Now, while having a court reconsider something is not unusual it is interesting to note that the patents in question constitute a very small portion of the products in question. It also comes not long after the US Administration blocked a similar ban won by Samsung against Apple for patent infringement, but upheld one requested by Apple against Samsung.

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The US Patent system is broken. The system has strayed very far from its original intent as a means to ensure that inventors were able to get a return on their work. Now a patent is something to be used to hinder the competition. Companies buy them up and stock them away in holding groups like an arsenal. It is no longer about real innovation and progress, but simply a way for large corporations to bargain and shape the market in the manner that they want. Many times we have seen a company buy up a stock of patents with the intention to attack another or even defend themselves.

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