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Today I read some very interesting news. According to a few news outlets the Australian Federal Police have arrested another “leader” of the group formerly known as LulzSec. This would make the 2nd top dog of the Anonymous splinter group to have been taken in by authorities. So the question is; who is the real LulzSec leader? Is it Hector Monsegur (Sabu) who was caught in New York and turned informant for the FBI to avoid a lot of jail time or is it 24 year old Mathew Trevor Flannery who went by the name Aush0k?

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Wednesday, 28 March 2012 12:36

LulzSec Reborn Makes Its Debut, But Why?

lulzsecA new Anonymous splinter group has hit the scene with a name that is sure to bring back bad memories for the authorities. The name as many of you might have heard is LulzSec Reborn. If the name is any indication it means that either some of the old members of LulzSec are back or people that were sympathetic to the LulzSec cause have reincarnated the name for their own purposes. The question is; regardless of who is behind this new group, what are the purposes.

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73In a very interesting twist on the Occupy movement Subpoenas are being issued demanding information relating to many of the Websites that related to the Occupy cause. One of the Subpoenas that was posted on is asking for quite a bit of information including “Any and all documents and records relating to the following articles posted on the Website including records of the IP addresses and pseudo names of the blog posters.”

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anonymousThere is an article going around the internet (again coming from CNet) that has an alleged former Anonymous member making the claim that she identified who Sabu really was back in February. What makes this claim even more interesting is that the person, Jennifer Emick, also claims that she made the information public through Backtrace Security in March, but was told to take the information down by the FBI. Backtrace further claims that they were in communication with the “Feds” but were not privy to the information that Sabu had turned on the Collective and was giving up names.

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News_PR_Machine-1776Only days ago we published an article telling you that you would begin to see more and more news relating to the only activist movement (which includes Anonymous, but is not limited to Anonymous) and how it is dangerous, related to terrorism and even how collectives like Anonymous and other organizations are duping the people wanting to contribute. Well this morning while having our coffee we watch in amusement as a cable news channel featured a US Senator talking about how the “hacktivist” movement is second only to terrorism as a threat to national security.

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eye-maskAnon has something of a reputation (like you did not know that). Its reputation is often enough to put fear into people or corporations. So when Anonymous put out a call on their IRC channel targeting PayPal and asking for a mass walkout. Many people left, we would be willing to wager that many of these left because they were scared of Anon hacking the internet bank (yes PayPal is a bank). Of course you have to wonder about why Anon would target PayPal in the first place… Well that is a pretty long story.

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