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Although only a day earlier information appeared about catastrophic poor sales of Samsung's smart watch, the company made a statement to deny those rumors. Sales are according to them going 16 times better than it was previously announced.

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Tuesday, 22 October 2013 21:04

53% increase in tablet deliveries

According to forecasts by Gartner this year tablet deliveries will increase by 53% , while the deliveries of desktop and notebook PCs will fall by 11%. Tablets of all manufacturers based on the Android operating system for the first time should overtake Apple's iPad product line. We can expect delivery of 91.5 million Android devices (49.6 %), compared to 89.6 million iPads shipped (or 48.6%). As for the tablets on a Windows operating system, it is expected that there will be more than 3 million units shipped, which gives them a 1.7% share.

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Tuesday, 02 July 2013 10:11

Intel CTO leaves his position


Justin Rattner joined Intel back in 1973. , six years later he became the company's chief engineer, and nine years later (1988) fourth Intel Fellow. Due to long years of service is not surprising that he was part of the first group of Intel engineers with the title of Fellow (the highest engineering titles in American corporations) who in 2001. acquired the status of Senior Fellow. Rattner is also characterized by its participation in the IDF's (Intel Developer Conference), where he held more major presentations than any other Intel official since 2005.

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Wednesday, 13 February 2013 21:57

HTC M7 is HTC One


HTC is believed to be preparing to introduce a new smartphone that will be placed at the top of company's offerings as well as in general even before the Mobile World Congress. The device codenamed M7 will reportedly be sold under the name HTC One.

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Monday, 29 October 2012 13:02

Consumers Do Not Seem Interested In Windows 8...


If Microsoft was expecting a mass of people running out to buy Windows 8 devices or to suddenly feel the need to update their machines to Windows 8 they were let down after the launch. Although Microsoft and their partners were playing up Windows 8 and the new class of “touch first” products they failed to capture the markets imagination. Instead, like the Zune HD they have a nice array of positive reviews, but little sales to show for it. We spoke with a few retailers who have stated that Windows 8 interest was flat this weekend. Instead they had questions about if older Windows 7 based devices were going to go on sale soon now that new models were out.

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Monday, 22 October 2012 21:54

The 500 Lb Search Engine Gorilla

Question Mark

Everyone knows that Google is the largest search engine around. Its role as such is so prolific that people no longer 'search' for information on line, they 'google' it. It has become a verb; a regular household name. But just how BIG is Google?

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Although the news has been more about the massive global war between Apple and anyone that makes an Android phone there is more going on in the world of tech than just those few items. Today we have heard that AMD will be launching a new CPU and it has already popped up for pre-order on at least one site. The news is noteworthy in that the CPU was originally expected to hit earlier this year with a number of other SKUs. We are not sure if today’s announcement is an indication that we will be seeing the other six missing products in the coming months, but for AMD fans this is potentially very good news.

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So Windows 8 has gone gold and has been shipped to all of Microsoft’s OEM partners so that they all can make the October 26th release date. This is supposed to be a good thing for Microsoft and their partners, but for some reason we just are not hearing the same type of excitement we did with Windows 7 or even Windows Vista. Before the Windows 7 launch we heard from many OEMs and vendors who were excited about the launch of the new OS, it fixed many issues that Vista had and was much faster to boot. This time we are getting responses like “we are not commenting on our Windows 8 plans” or another very generic statement.

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Yesterday Apple reported their earnings for Q3 2012, asked an Australian court for $2.5 Billion in damages, and were granted a patent for technology that has (again) been on the market for a few years. Although each of these could probably fill an entire article we decided to lump them into one today so we can get to some real news after we wrap things up here. So let’s kick things off with the Q3 earnings call which fell short of expectations almost across the board.

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Ok I love the surveys that seem to sprout like magic whenever we get close to anther iPhone launch. It is not just that these are ridiculous precepts of surveying a small sampling and thinking that you are getting an accurate depiction of what a market is interested it is more than they always have some of the most bizarre interpretations that I have ever seen. These are the types of analysis that would have given my statistics instructor a heart attack. I am getting ahead of myself so let me explain in a little more detail.

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