Saturday28 January 2023

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Eight days… that is all you have to wait if you want to get Kinect for your Windows PC. At least that is the word out of Redmond today. Despite the fact that many gamers do not see the need for, or even want the Kinect Microsoft is pushing their plans to launch this motion sensing device for the PC anyway. The reasons behind this are probably simple, they were too far ahead to back out..

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Wednesday, 14 August 2013 17:45

Leap Motion growing fast


Recently Leap Motion finally arrived to sales, a device that detects movement and potentially recognize user commands through gestures in the 3D world. Essentially, Leap Motion is a system with cameras that can detect users hands and fingers at exceptional levels of precision. However, to use this device, you need a software, and applications that offer this has been downloaded one million times already.

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Thursday, 28 February 2013 19:57

MYO armband for gesture control


MYO is a gadget in the form of a bracelet placed on the forearm, and then follows the movement of the arm and muscle gestures as input data. The result is a control system that can work in conjunction with a computer, smartphone, TV, robot or any other suitable device.

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bos-intoSony has developed an interactive book for the PS3 that is sure to delight Harry Potter fans. That is right; Sony is releasing a book that you can interact with on your PS3, if you have a few things first like a PlayStation Eye camera and Sony’s Motion Controller. If you are a fan of the Harry Potter series this is either amazing or just a bit disappointing. Many fans are saying they would rather have the often hinted at Encyclopedia of the Harry Potter world to add to their collection. With Sony’s new Wonderbook you will need so many things just to read more about the world of Harry Potter. While the new product from Sony does offer and chance to actually experience the Books in a new way, getting everything is going to get expensive. The Book of Spells will not be the only title for Sony’s series of augmented reality products, but it certainly is one that should help to interest consumers (especially Harry Potter fans)

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