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Monday, 23 December 2013 06:08

Is there a buyer interested in Winamp?

In the last month there have been various stories about the fate that should befall the popular Winamp. From a sudden cancellation and complete shutdown, over a petition requesting to become open source, to the alleged Microsoft's interest to become the owner of the program and all supporting services.

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Winamp is one of the most famous and longest-running multimedia player that will cease to exist on 20th December. After that date, the website Winamp.com nor other related sites will no longer be available, nor will it be possible to download the application itself.

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Monday, 21 October 2013 21:14

The Decline of Online Music Sales

This year, according to data analyzed by Nielsen SoundScan, in the United States over the Internet was sold 1.01 billion songs, which is a decrease of 4% compared to the 2012. The total number of downloads of digital music content decreased by 1%, while the number of downloads of digital albums grow by 2% compared to last year.

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A rather long time ago (in computer years) when real audio first came out on the computer the market was pretty bare for not only sound cards, but also for anything to use to listen to them. I can vividly remember buying an expensive ISA Soundblaster card and not being able to find any decent speakers to use with it. There simply was not a lot of choice out there to reproduce your audio. Of course before that I can still remember only having 8-bit audio through the motherboard speaker so decent is relative there. Now the market is flood of products many are just plain terrible (bad design, bad quality and bad audio playback). There are a few companies that have been working to break the “good enough” trend in audio. Cooler Master is one of them as we have shown you with their CMStorm Sirus headset. Now Cooler Master has another gaming headset available. This one is called the Sonuz and features a pair of massive 53mm drivers to push the sound deep into your skull. Let’s listen to them shall we?

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SWITCH_Hands2_LoversInMorningI'd like to think I've got a couple of average teens, but I'm told the mere fact that they're growing up with an uber geek (not myself, but thanks) means they're not average when it comes to technology desires. Regardless, what follows is a quick run-down of their favorites.

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