Friday31 March 2023

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Remember all of the data that was collected from the Dotcom raid? You know the stuff, the raid that was ruled legal even if the warrants that were used to justify it were not. Well it seems that there is some movement on the return of the data taken from the Dotcom house as a court of appeals has ruled that clones of the drives taken need to be returned to Kim Dotcom as soon as convenient.

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So, remember back when the FBI removed data that is was not allowed to search for from the home of Kim Dotcom, (that they were not really allowed to search)? Well if not we will sum things up for you here. Back when the US DoJ was really pushing the Mega Upload case the FBI convinced New Zealand law enforcement to execute a raid on the Dotcom house without a properly defined warrant. The reason it was not properly defined is that it did not spell out what they were searching for.

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