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WP8-BizMicrosoft has made Windows Phone 8 semi-official at its Windows Phone Developer Conference happening right now. We call it semi-official because right now Microsoft is not showing off any hardware running it. They are waiting to have that announcement later. So while the OS is out of the bag and we have some new information no one has made any specific announcements of support for the new OS.

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News_manstealingdataThere is an old saying; buy cheap and sell dear that came about in the Carnegie days and has been in use by corporations for so long that it is just the way they do things. What this means now is that corporations will always look for the quick and easy way to do things. This is not a big shocker; after all most companies will want to minimize costs and maximize their profits. Where this hurts the consumer is that many times minimizing costs ends up being translated to security or product quality. A perfect example would be Apple’s move to Foxconn. Yes they reduced their operating costs, but the product quality realistically has gone down. Another place where we see cuts are in security and network protections of user data. A good example of this can be found in Google Wallet.

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