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Tuesday, 18 February 2014 06:09

Office for iPad on the way

Office for iPad is coming, but still it is not known exactly when. According to ZDNet, it could happen by June this year.

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Thursday, 06 June 2013 21:41

Free Office with small Windows 8 tablets


Microsoft published some very interesting news - a tiny tablet with Windows 8 based on x86 hardware is supplied with free Office 2013 Home & Student edition.

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Well we had a feeling that we would be seeing Microsoft’s newest versions of Office for both the “desktop” and for the cloud. The thing is that both of them are still geared toward the cloud. So far looking at the live announcements and the “reviews” of the consumer preview that a select group of web sites had access to we are both impressed and disappointed in Microsoft’s next productivity suite. At the top of the list of praises is a lack of “bloat”. Now it is true that Office is a large application install, but speaking as someone that actually uses the applications for more than their basic functions much of that is add-ons to make it more flexible you can chose not to install about ½ of that if you do not need it.

*** Update - All of the "preview" links for Office 2013 are actually for Office 365; Microsoft's cloud based version of Office. Although you do get the Office Applications you are also signing up to put your documents in their hands and also adding yourself to their mailing lists. ***

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